Kingdom Kids


‘Let the children come to me and do not stop them,because the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them.’(Matt 19:14)

We are passionate about helping your children know Jesus Christ as their Savior and teach them to love our loving and living God with all of their heart,with all of their soul, and with all of their strength.We are committed teachers who volunteer with dedication to build their faith and establish foundations to make sure that your kids cultivate their relationship with Jesus.

Our goal is to prepare this new generation for the Kingdom of God and teach them the fear of God.

This is achieved by grouping the kids in their age groups,between 3 to 6 as beginners 7 to 12 who are juniors and 13 to 16 in the intermediates.The kids will go through complete 3 years study courses under each of their age grous and learn to build their relationship with God.

They also enjoy fellowship with each other and participate in various special events as and when organised for special occasions.

They are part of the praise and worship with the church during the initial start of the church service and Later are disbursed to join the children ministry while the word is shared for adults in the church.

Timings – 10.30 AM to 11.30 AM on Sundays