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Today, Christian values have taken a back seat. Schools are often called on to function in lieu of the family, and it leads to the sad reality that the teaching of fundamental values is often lacking. This is in no way a negative on teachers. We overload them as it is, and we should not expect our teachers to play a leading role in this area – a supportive role, perhaps, but it remains the responsibility of the family to instill proper values, and that largely is not taking place as it should.

It is no secret that for the last few decades, values have changed significantly. The fear of God is, unfortunately, fast disappearing. There is pressure to remove any mention of God from all aspects of public life. These changes are being reflected in many ways, and they are mirrored by our children and young people.

Many of the signs we see are disturbing. Basic manners are often lacking. There is the disrespect shown to those who would base morals on the Bible, who are oftentimes referred to as “fundamentalists” by the media via printed material, radio, movies, and broadcast television.

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